The final post

AH! the last blog post so it has finally come to this? it really is startling and
amazing how time flies by and it feels like yesterday when we first came into the
pc lab to immerse ourselves in the world of information technology. In the last
exercise that we did we created an image using something like photoshop the gimp
application. By use of it we created a boat image as shown below.

boat scene
Errrrr…. it’s not particularly dazzling or breathtaking but i did put my effort
into it so i guess i could say it looks nice. Anyways that’s besides the point.
Since this is the last blog post. Sir I would just like to say thank you for the
time you spent with us. Teaching us new things and imparting your “hugots” jokes
and pick-up lines like that. It may have been short but it was fun once again
thank you. OH! there is something I’ll never forget the time we made that story
wherein you had many pictures umm.. sorry sir pero si ate sa dulo yung magaling
mag-edit ng pics at tuwang tuwa siya so sorry ulit. OO nga pala yung information
that a flash drive is not a USB i will certainly keep that in mind.

Once again thank you sir and see you around! 😀


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