Placeholder ImageThe chain above represents me right now chained to my subjects and acads 😦 JOKE. WHOOOO! it’s been a while so much stuff is happening lately and it’s kinda weird but anyway the lesson last time focused on HTML and CSS! it was really cool learning how to make a webpage and adding all kinds of various media and the like to it. Truth be told it is extremely tedious and careful action should be taken when doing it. I can see why programmers get a little psycho when an error suddenly messes with their work. Enough of that for now. Last friday sat-sunday I had a class field trip and we went to Camarines Norte! CAMSUR! etc! it was a loooooooooooooooooooooootttttttttttttttttttttttttt of fun Swimming, and eating (cough cough) i mean learning! even though for the most part no one was listening well that is to be expected it is a FIELD TRIP afterall. the great part was swimming at the beach in Albay, (forgot the name) we also visited the Cagsawa ruins and the Watersports complex! damn that place was fun just rather expensive though. I hope to have another trip like that soon! till next time! 😀


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