Back to reality (school) (aww)

‘Ahhhhh… it’s been quite some time since i last posted first let’s pickup from where we left which was 2 weeks ago the lesson that time was about basic programming i really enjoyed that one because it was star wars themed which was awesome. I felt like a little kid while doing the programming which was really nostalgic in some way. Fast forward to a last week the lesson that time was about computer hardware and the different parts of the CPU unit, the parts for memory and all the other functions, quoting sir “A USB IS NOT A FLASH DRIVE” that’s surely something for jesting at someone and one thing to keep note of haha. Now this week was holy week the presumed period of repentance, reflection and conscience cleansing well i can’t say if i succeeded in any of them but for this week we visited the Taal Basilica which according to the signboards there is the biggest catholic church in Asia. Damn that place had some nice architecture and murals it looked really cool inside and spacious, really though what a large church it still seemed roomy even though there were so many people there. Aside from that trip there was also the constant food trip extravaganzas here and there and as they say (basta gutom) so much fun!. But tomorrow monday begins again and the dreaded time has come once again to remove our heads from the clouds and dreams and get back to work or as most people would say reality. Sighh….. anyways hope for a great week! even though hellweek makes his appearance again double Sigh,… hahahaa.


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