IT Lab Class 3

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HI again! it’s the 3rd time post and with the recently concluded feb fair week not much has happened at school, ordinary days have returned which makes it a bit dull but nonetheless the classes must go on!. For this class the topic was about Digital logic and Boolean Algebra. Digi logic is a way of representing signals and sequences of a digital circuit through the employment of numbers, it is how circuits and hardware communicate with the computer. Boolean Algebra on the other hand is a mathematical system for the manipulation of variables that can have one of two values  (True or False, on or off). Boolean functions are expressions formed with binary variables and Boolean operators. it can be represented by: Algebraic expressions, Truth tables or Logic Circuits. For the logic circuits they make use of the different kinds of gates, namely the NOT GATE, AND GATE, OR GATE, NOR GATE, NAND and XOR GATE. each with their own special functionalities. Truth tables show tabular relations  between the input values and the results of Boolean operators or functions. Certain rules and laws are also followed in Boolean Algebra for simpler representations and easier functionalities for specific applications and purposes. The lesson ends here for now! till next time !! 😀


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