Lab Classes Part 2

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Hey i’m back! this time updating you on another session of Information technology’s wonders last time we discussed about the number systems and conversions from one system to another. For this lesson we will cover binary arithmetic. Binary arithmetic makes use of fixed point representation, magnitude representation which uses all bits and lastly signed magnitude representation for representing negative values with the leftmost bit as the basis for the sign. Complements are also used as a way to represent negative integers, it has 2 forms. First the 1’s complement where each bit is reversed e.g. (1110 becomes 0001).

Second the 2’s complement where you also take the 1’s complement then add 1. Lastly the rules on binary arithmetic addition, (0+0= 0, 0+1=1, 1+0= 1 and 1+1=10) for subtraction it uses the same principle as addition just take the complement of the subtrahend e.g. (10-7 = 10 +(-7)). well that’s it for now! please come back for the next update! 🙂



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